Modular and customisable open-top spaces for larger rooms.  The unit can be taylor-made as a wine cellar, a study, a kids' play room, a small shop, a gallery space or even as a bedrrom in a large space converted into a backpackers' hostel and so on.  Using light weight steel and structural ply or OSB panels the unit can be assembled on site or can be pre-fabricated with or without power outlets.  The textured exterior finish is carefully chosen so that the unit will look elegant and will not pose threat to the rest of the room. Since the top is open the space is considered as a piece of furniture rather than an additional room therefore coucil tax can be avoided especially in the UK.  Also there is free flow of air and usually there is no need for additional lighting depending on the existing lighting conditions of the room which the unit is placed.     


Pod Hobby Space