This extension proposal for an existing (and the facade is heritage listed) former post office building.  This building is destined to have three apartments - two on the ground level and one on the upper level which is under separate ownership.  The owner of the ground floor apartments wishes to add one more unit attached to one of the apartments. We went through rather standard design approach first which is replicating the dominant front volume on the back.  We then realised that a part of the flat roof is being used as a pseudo terrace space and light/air intake by the apartment  upper floor so building too close is not very appropriate solution.  We then shifted the additional volume to the rear.  The extension volume should not dominate the whole building.  We let the main building speak out.  The new volume is now a shape of a speech bubble.  The new volume lacks of large windows but as the speech bubble text would look like we placed small "words" placed all over the surface to gain plenty of light and fresh air.

​Speech Bubble Extension