In order to take in the wide view o fthe valley and the peaks behind the upper level has wide windows.  This living space doubles as a foyer as the main approach is via a foot bridge from the back (mountain) side which is connected to a hiking path.  There is a terrace directly underneath the wide living space.  The terrace lets you enjoy the sun and fresh air and the extended side area holds ski, mountain bikes and other equipment.   


The lower level contains the living and sleeping spaces. The deeper you go in the darker and more private the spaces become.  The large curtain walls are resistant to high mountain wind and keep the interior spaces sufficiently warm.  The ceiling space in the living room has air ducts which sucks in heated air to be recirculated on the lower level.  


The outer walls are covered in wooden shingles in the same way as the traditional alpine huts to maintain integrity to the surrounding buildings.   

Mountain Hut